Manor Moments

Cooking at Home

April 2020

Current stay-at-home orders recommend that Pennsylvanians only go out for essential needs like medical appointments and trips to the pharmacy or grocery store. Living at Cornwall Manor provides residents with the convenience of not going out. Everything you need is right here!

Residents can see the campus nurse or their doctor at our onsite Visiting Physicians Office and have their prescriptions delivered to their door. When it comes to food, we have that covered too. Residents can choose meals from our dining room (and have them delivered), have staff complete their grocery shopping and bring the items to their door or they can purchase essential items like bread, butter, milk, toilet paper and other grocery items at the Manor Shoppe.

Most of us are finding convenient meal solutions using what we already have in our freezer and pantry. Here is a list of ten inexpensive, easy-to-prepare recipes from a few readily available ingredients. All recipes have six ingredients or less, are enough for one or two people and provide leftovers! Recipes courtesy of Allrecipes.


Frozen Vegetable Stirfry
6 ingredients; 6 servings; ready in 10 minutes

Easy Enchiladas
3 ingredients, 10 servings, 45 minutes
This recipe is for Easy Beef Enchiladas, but that can be omitted.



Tuna Noodle Casserole
5 ingredients, 8 servings; ready in 45 minutes

Quick & Easy Baked Fish Fillet
6 ingredients, 3 servings, ready in 35 minutes



Honey Mustard Pork Chops
5 ingredients, 4 servings, ready in 30 minutes

Potato & Pork Bake
3 ingredients; 8 servings; ready in 1 hour



Meatball Sub Casserole
5 ingredients, 8 servings, 1 hour

Stuffing Meatloaf
6 ingredients, 8 servings, ready in 55 minutes



Lemon Pepper Chicken
4 ingredients; 1 serving; ready in 20 minutes

Easy Butter Chicken
5 ingredients, 4 servings, ready in 20 minutes