Manor Moments

Founders Day

November 2021

Founders Day

Founders Day annually recognizes our friends who support our ministry and commemorate our founding. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Cornwall Manor has not been able to have this in-person event in 2020 and 2021. Instead, we produced a video that recognizes our generous donors for their support of our mission and several exciting projects at Cornwall Manor! We hope you will enjoy this special production!

Our History

Cornwall Manor’s founding as “The Methodist Church Home at Cornwall” in October 1949 is the result of many individuals and their philanthropic support. Led by The Rev. Dr. Levi Zerr, a group of clergy and laypersons from the Philadelphia Conference (today known as the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference) of The United Methodist Church visited the Coleman estate for the first time on July 10, 1948, looking for land to start a retirement home for retired clergy, their spouses and other deserving individuals.

It was through the generosity of Mrs. Margaret Freeman Coleman Buckingham’s will that stated she wanted the property to be used for a “good purpose” that her nephew, William Freeman, sold the estate to the Methodist clergy for a mere $20,000—a fraction of its value. At that time, the estate included the fully-furnished Buckingham Mansion and several other buildings on the 75-acre estate.

Through the leadership, dedication and vision of The Rev. Dr. Zerr and others, Cornwall Manor has grown into a beautiful senior living community that is home to more than 540 people. Since our founding, many people—trustees, clergy and lay leaders of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, church members, residents, families, and friends—have provided gifts over the years that have resulted in numerous programs, services and care for the 2,526 people who have lived at Cornwall Manor during our 72-year history.

The mission of Cornwall Manor has remained the same since 1949. Cornwall Manor offers diversified and high-quality housing, healthcare, and related services for individuals to achieve a retirement and aging lifestyle they find fulfilling in a secure, caring and Christian environment. At the heart of our mission is benevolent care—the provision of assistance provided to residents who have limited or depleted financial resources. It assures peace of mind, dignity and security to residents. Cornwall Manor’s benevolent care commitment equals more than $1 million annually—and in 2020 totaled $1.5 million.

Through the generosity and support of present and future donors and with the stability of the Endowment Fund, we can continue to fulfill our mission and ministry to the current and future residents of the Cornwall Manor community. We believe that The Rev. Dr. Levi Zerr would be proud that his vision of caring for “God’s senior citizens” still continues today and will for generations to come.

GEM Donors

GEM (Give Every Month) donors make monthly gifts to Cornwall Manor. Every gift makes an impact and we are forever grateful to these donors for their dedication and
sustaining support throughout the year.

2020 GEMS
Bill and Laurie Clement
Bill and Betty Gildea
Steve and Debbie Grubbs

2021 GEMS
Dr. Joseph Bering
Jeanette Hunkins
Ted and Doris McGwire
Charles and Sandra Willis

Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle honors donors who have named Cornwall Manor in their will or estate plan. It is with sincere gratitude that we say ‘Thank You’ to all members of the Legacy Circle for their compassionate foresight and planning for the benefit of future Cornwall Manor residents.

2020 Legacy Circle
Michael and Vicki Deitzler

2021 Legacy Circle
Donna M. Waltemyer

Faithful Friends

Since the first donors responded to the Rev. Dr. Levi Zerr’s request for support for our ministry, Cornwall Manor has been blessed with the generosity of many friends.
Today, we honor all the  “Faithful Friends” who have consistently contributed to support our mission for 20 years or more.

2020 and 2021 Faithful Friends
John McEllhenney
Rev. Robert C. Pike
Rohland’s Funeral Home
Robert Robertson
Paul and Joy Weidman
Dr. James and Doris Work

Buckingham Society

The Cornwall Manor Buckingham Society is named for Mrs. Margaret Coleman Freeman Buckingham, whose charitable intent in her estate resulted in her recognition
as Cornwall Manor’s first philanthropist. Members of the Buckingham Society provide the highest levels of support for Cornwall Manor’s mission. Their names are added to the “Tree of Life” sculpture in the Freeman Community Center.

2020 Buckingham Society
Bill and Winnie Brill
Rev. Dr. Robert and Mary Ann Hoffman
Diane Merrill Pomeroy
Lee and Debra Stickler

2021 Buckingham Society
Joe and Marie Barnett
Dr. George H. Conner
Jane T. Fan
Ralph and Linda Jacobus
Bonnie C. Tenney

Founders Day Award

The award is presented to an individual ‘whose extraordinary commitment to Cornwall Manor has had a significant impact on our ministry.’

2020 Founders Day Award
All Cornwall Manor Residents and Team Members

2021 Founders Day Award
HersheyCare, Charles Kray and the Kray Family

Special Thanks to our Founders Day Sponsors

Thank You Founders Day Sponsors