Manor Moments

Green Thumbs Welcome

April 2022

Green thumbs welcome! Many gardening enthusiasts may think they will need to give up their passion if they move to a retirement community, but at Cornwall Manor, a premier retirement community in Central Pennsylvania, there are numerous opportunities to garden. Spending time outside and in nature is a great way to stay healthy and energized.

One of the many historic buildings on Cornwall Manor’s Buckingham Campus is the Joseph Ferry Greenhouse, which was constructed in 1881 and was used to assist the gardeners in sustaining the estate’s grounds. Joseph Ferry served as the estate’s head gardener for over 50 years. To this day, the historic greenhouse is a treasured, year-round gardening space for our residents — one of the many ways Cornwall Manor allows you to embrace your gardening passions. The greenhouse has undergone extensive renovations, including adding a handicapped accessible entrance, a new ventilation and shading system, new paint and planting tables. A committee of resident gardeners gave their input and suggestions for the upgrades.

Residents at Cornwall Manor can also take advantage of garden plots on both the Buckingham and Woods Campuses. Each area is fenced in to protect the flowers or vegetables from nature’s critters.

At Cornwall Manor, volunteers with the Garden and Greenhouse Committee not only grow plants and flowers for their own enjoyment, but they also offer their time and talent to oversee over 80 gardens throughout the active senior living community’s 200-acre campus.

Announced in 2021, Cornwall Manor is the first retirement community to partner with the Rodale Institute, a nonprofit research and education institution headquartered in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, that has been leading the way in healing people and the planet since 1947. Cornwall Manor’s Trailside Organic Farm will begin as a two-acre organic farm onsite and the organic produce grown on the farm will be served in all campus dining areas.

Benefits of a Retirement Community with a Greenhouse

Urban agriculture, farming and gardening have been popular trends over the last few years. Our residents have fully embraced this trend by participating as active gardeners. Some of the many benefits our residents receive from gardening include:

  • Staying active: Mixing soil, filling pots and watering plants are all valuable ways to strengthen your hands, while working the muscles in your upper and lower body.
  • Implementing a healthier diet: Vegetable gardening is a great way to incorporate healthier options into your diet. Sharing the produce you grow with those around you will also improve their dietary habits as well.
  • Improving mental acuity and immune system function: Research has shown that gardening improves brain and mental health. Exposure to sunlight will provide vitamin D, which boosts both your mind’s and immune system’s abilities to function.
  • Enjoying a Stress-Free Environment: Being surrounded by nature reduces stress and provides a relaxing hobby to indulge in.
  • Adapting activities as needed: If you have specific limitations or needs when it comes to caring for plants or participating in gardening, you can easily tailor your desired activity to your ability level.
  • Making friends through community involvement: Participating in a gardening group is the perfect way to stay involved and meet new friends, while continuously reaping health and wellness benefits.

A great way to stay involved in gardening or try gardening for the first time is to find a retirement community with a greenhouse and gardening group — at Cornwall Manor, we have both.

A Beautiful Place to Garden – and To Be

If you have an eye and an interest for gardening and horticulture, you will love Cornwall Manor’s beautiful campuses and historic greenhouse. Enjoy our walking trails, landscaping, vegetable and flower gardens.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality programs and service to our residents. We ensure all our residents have a place to share and exude their interests and passions.

To learn more about gardening at Cornwall Manor or any of our other interest groups or amenities, contact us online or call us at 717-274-8092 to schedule your visit today!