Manor Moments

Holidays Can Be The Best Time For Families To Talk About Aging Parents

October 2017

Family gatherings at holidays can be a wonderful time for families to come together and eat, reminisce, and in the case of families with aging parents- talk frankly about what is the best option for Mom and Dad.

For many families, they may be uncomfortable about addressing their aging parents’ declining health. And for children who may live a long distance from their parents, they may not want to “spoil” their visit by addressing concerns. But families can use the time while they are with their parents and siblings to ask some important questions, such as:

  • Can Mom and Dad continue to stay in their home?
  • Is their home “senior friendly” (meaning first floor bathroom; grab bars; etc?)
  • Do Mom and Dad have a financial and health care Power of Attorney?

If parents are to the point where bringing in additional help such as a home health aide is not going to be sufficient, and a move to a personal care or continuing care community would be in their best interest, it can be helpful for several members of the family to investigate potential facilities. If at all possible, include your parents in the conversation – and have them be part of any tour or visit that is scheduled at a community.

While these conversations may not be comfortable for some members of the family, it is important to have the discussion before there is a crisis and a quick decision or move is needed.

For assistance in locating senior housing options in Pennsylvania, contact LeadingAge for consumer information and listings of facilities. You can also get additional information from the “Helpful Information” section of the Cornwall Manor website.