Manor Moments

Thanksgiving Dinner…You Don’t Have to Cook!

November 2016

thanksgiving-mealWhere can you find 600 pounds of turkey, 4 cases of bread, 8 cases of vegetables, a case of sweet potatoes, 72 pounds of cranberries and 35 gallons of turkey gravy? At Cornwall Manor.

Preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal (and two additional meals for the non-turkey lovers) and all the trimmings for residents and their guests enjoying their holiday meal at Cornwall Manor is a big undertaking for Cornwall Manor’s food service department. They prepare enough food to feed just around 400 people which includes about 100 Cornwall Manor employees that work Thanksgiving Day.

This year’s menu for Thanksgiving includes a mixed green salad, roasted turkey and gravy, cranberry relish, bread stuffing, baked sweet potato, corn or asparagus and assorted desserts. The alternate entrée choices are roast tenderloin with Madeira sauce or Seafood Au Gratin (lobster, shrimp and scallops served in a cream sauce with Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese served over Tortellini).

Thanksgiving at Cornwall Manor begins early in the week. Our Food Service will make 150 pumpkin pies, 90 pecan pies and 48 loaves of pumpkin bread. More than half of these desserts will be sold at “The Bakery” – a weekly convenience available to all Cornwall Manor residents and staff that sells a variety of fresh baked goods and garden-fresh produce.

The remaining pies will be served as the Thanksgiving dessert at Cornwall Manor. “The Bakery” is very popular – especially around the holidays because it saves many residents and staff the stress of making a Thanksgiving dessert themselves.

Food Service staff work around the clock to prepare the main meal for Thanksgiving. Six-hundred pounds of whole turkeys are processed into boneless meat and marinated until final preparation on Thanksgiving morning. The bread is cubed and dried and 24 pounds of celery and 40 pounds of onion are chopped to finish the stuffing. More than 300 sweet potatoes are washed and baked. To finish the traditional turkey meal, over 70 pounds of cranberries are used to make a homemade relish and 35 gallons of turkey gravy is made. All of this preparation is in addition to the usual daily tasks of preparing three meals a day for all Cornwall Manor residents.

So, while you are enjoying your Thanksgiving meal and recounting the things you are thankful for – be grateful that you don’t have to cook or do the dishes after 400 people eat at Cornwall Manor.