Manor Moments

Trailside Organic Farm – March 2022 Update

March 2022

Submitted by Ian Frederick, Trailside Organic Farm Manager

Spring thaw: a crucial event, or simply a topic that comes up during small talk? If you are a gardener or a farmer, you likely have a strong opinion about which answer is correct. Yes, we are entering the very first season of the Trailside Organic Farm! Seed starting is underway at our Kutztown greenhouse; it will not be long until seedlings find their way to the Trailside farm’s soil. You may also notice a caterpillar tunnel being built on the Trailside site. This structure- also called a hoop house by some- will extend the growing season and create a controlled growing environment which supports a wide variety of crops. What about the silver farm truck traveling around the Manor, moving farm supplies and equipment? That is the official Trailside Farm truck! If you see it drive past, please feel free to wave hello or ask about what is happening at the farm.

Equipment is also making its way to Cornwall Manor. In the coming months, you may expect to see a farm tractor, disc, water wheel transplanter, tractor-mount rototiller, wheeled water tank, compost spreader and a plastic mulch layer getting some serious use. We are also gathering supplies for field growing. Drip irrigation lines and fittings, row covers, insect netting, plastic bed mulch, hoops, stakes, hand tools, and harvesting containers are some of the most pertinent items to have. Leaf compost is being managed on-site as well. Along with organic fertilizers, compost will be part of our soil amendment schedule for spring. After tillage and soil amending is finished, peas and oats will be sown- our spring cover crops. Just like the ecosystems surrounding us, the farm site will soon be a place of life and activity as spring arrives.