Giving Tuesday

THANK YOU!!! to all our donors who celebrated Cornwall Manor’s 70th Anniversary by making a special gift on Giving Tuesday-December 3, 2019, to support the Benevolent Care Endowment Fund. 

Cornwall Manor’s history and its very existence are a result of the philanthropic support of individuals who made the purchase of the former Coleman estate possible for use as “The Methodist Church Home at Cornwall.”

Benevolent care, the provision of assistance to those residents who have limited or depleted financial resources, has always been at the heart of Cornwall Manor’s Mission. It assures peace of mind, dignity, and security to residents. Cornwall Manor’s benevolent care commitment totaled $1.5 million in 2018. All gifts combined together provide comforting nursing care, meals, programs, transportation, pastoral services and peace of mind to residents who have exhausted their financial resources and are in need of compassionate care.

Cornwall Manor’s annual benevolent care commitment is funded through the investment income earned from the Endowment Fund, (which is made up of gifts given over time by donors), annual gifts and other non-operating income. It is the goal of Cornwall Manor to fully fund the entire annual benevolent care need from the investment income generated by the Endowment Fund.

Through the generosity and support of past, present, and future donors, especially in the growth of the Endowment Fund, we can continue to fulfill our mission and ministry of “a secure, caring, and Christian environment” to the current and future residents of Cornwall Manor.

Please consider making your gift on December 3 – Giving Tuesday – to the Cornwall Manor Endowment Fund for Benevolent Care and know that it will provide security and compassionate care to residents now and for years to come. Giving Tuesday is a global movement held after Black Friday and Cyber Monday designed to bring emphasis to the giving season. For more information, please visit

Thank you!

Click here to learn more about Cornwall Manor’s Benevolent Care Mission and Giving or contact Cornwall Manor’s Advancement Team at or 717-675-1510.