Trailside Organic Farm

Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor with Rodale InstituteWelcome to Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor!

A unique partnership was announced in March 2021 with the industry experts at the Rodale Institute to establish Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor! As a leader in the senior living industry, Cornwall Manor strongly supports our wellness philosophy, which is based on the principle that each resident is entitled to enjoy and maintain the highest level of health, dignity, independence and activity. Cornwall Manor is the first retirement community to partner with the Rodale Institute.

Statistics show that residents in retirement communities live two years longer on average than those who live alone, owning to an environment rooted in health, well-being and community. The Cornwall Manor-Rodale Institute Trailside Organic Farm is an opportunity to combine the health benefits of organic food and farming with the improved longevity of community living. Partnering with the Rodale Institute experts guarantees that Cornwall Manor residents receive the best and healthiest product because it meets the strict standards of USDA organics. Trailside Organic Farm will offer freshly harvested farm-to-table offerings for resident meals and residents and visitors will enjoy the beauty of the farm as well as educational and volunteer opportunities.

Video Tour of Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor

Through our partnership with the Rodale Institute, Trailside Organic Farm is currently a two-and-a-half-acre USDA certified organic vegetable farm located on Cornwall Manor’s Woods Campus. The development and organic farming is led by Rodale Institute’s team of industry experts (Farm Manager bios are below).  Cornwall Manor will use the produce grown on the farm to be served in all campus dining areas. Utilizing Rodale Institute’s expertise in organic growing methods, Trailside Organic Farm will provide residents with healthy, hyper-local food choices and a thriving natural environment that supports their health, environment and overall well-being. Both organizations see this project as having the potential to serve as a model for continuing care communities across the country.


Trailside Organic Farm Resident Testimonials

The implementation of Trailside Organic Farm and the partnership between Cornwall Manor and the Rodale Institute benefits Cornwall Manor’s community of residents and staff.

Now entering our third growing season (2024), several Cornwall Manor residents shared their feedback on how Trailside Organic Farm, the weekly farm markets, volunteer opportunities and educational sessions impacts them.



Trailside Organic Farm Accomplishments


  • Greenhouse built
  • Farming the full 2.5 acres
  • Continue to build soil health


  • Hired seasonal farm helper
  • Expanded the growing capacity of the farm to two acres, which increased the quantity and offerings of items harvested
  • Incorporated irrigation lines
  • Constructed second hoop house
  • Ongoing building of healthy soil structure
  • Continued to offer workshops, farm tours and Friday Farm Markets for Cornwall Manor residents
  • Received USDA organic certification
  • Hosted second annual Fall Harvest Fest to commemorate Trailside’s growing season
  • Completion of bank barn and ribbon cutting


  • First growing season spanned .8 acres
  • Constructed a hoop house (caterpillar tunnel), which is beneficial to extend the growing season and create a controlled growing environment
  • Hired an assistant farm manager
  • Implemented a volunteer program
  • Offered workshops and farm tours
  • Flowers were planted at Trailside Organic Farm to add beauty to the site and attract pollinators
  • Hosted first Fall Harvest Fest
  • Groundbreaking for bank barn
  • Cornwall Manor received the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal’s Nonprofit Innovation Award for Leadership Excellent for collaborating with the Rodale Institute to create Trailside Organic Farm


  • Announced partnership with the Rodale Institute
  • Hired a farm manager
  • Began site improvements and soil enhancement
What’s Growing on? Trailside Organic Farm Updates

Stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Trailside Organic Farm. Monthly updates are provided in the Neighborhood News and on our blog.

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April 2024 – no update as Trailside is planning for Farm & Barn tours for residents
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Meet our Trailside Farm Managers

Trailside Organic Farm Manager, Ian FrederickIan Frederick, Farm Manager

Formerly the Farm Operations Field Technician at Rodale Institute, Ian began working with our team in September 2021. While in his position at Rodale, Ian helped with maintaining and designing the landscape. Ian has a work background in landscaping and ornamental gardening.

In 2019, Ian received a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability from Messiah College. He prioritizes landscaping practices that provide ecological benefits as well as aesthetic value. Ian has experience with integrating pollinator habitats on Rodale’s property.


Katie Landis, Assistant Farm Manager

Katie joined Ian at Trailside Organic Farm in April 2022 as the Assistant Farm Manager.

Living in Quentin, Katie is a “local” and lives right around the corner from Trailside Organic Farm. Katie has been farming for a living since 2012, beginning as an intern growing herbs and cut flowers at Lancaster Farmacy. Her five years there taught her how to use high tunnels and greenhouses to extend the growing season, how to use irrigation to get the appropriate amount of water to the crops and how to manage weeds.

After leaving the Farmacy, she worked at Homefields Care Farm where we grew a large variety of vegetables that were sold to the community through a CSA program. Working at Homefields taught her how to operate tractors and the different implements that could be attached to the front or back to make field work easier.