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Cornwall Manor is pleased to announce a unique partnership with the industry experts at Rodale Institute to establish Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor! As a leader in the senior living industry, Cornwall Manor strongly supports our wellness philosophy, which is based on the principle that each resident is entitled to enjoy and maintain the highest level of health, dignity, independence and activity. Statistics show that residents in retirement communities live two years longer on average than those who live alone, owning to an environment rooted in health, well-being, and community.

The Cornwall Manor-Rodale Institute Trailside Organic Farm is an opportunity to combine the health benefits of organic food and farming with the improved longevity of community living. Partnering with Rodale Institute experts guarantees that Cornwall Manor residents will receive food grown at the highest organic standard, right from our backyard. Once Trailside Organic Farm is fully-operational, resident meals will feature freshly harvested farm-to-table offerings, and residents and visitors will enjoy the beauty of the farm as well as educational opportunities.

Introducing Trailside Organic Farm at Cornwall Manor!

Through our partnership with the Rodale Institute, a certified organic vegetable farm will be established on Cornwall Manor’s Woods Campus and the development and organic farming will be led by Rodale Institute’s team of industry experts. Cornwall Manor is the first retirement community to partner with Rodale Institute. Both organizations see this project as having the potential to serve as a model for continuing care communities across the country.

Rodale Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the regenerative organic movement through research, training and consumer education. Widely recognized as the birthplace of the organic movement, Rodale Institute, headquartered in Kutztown, Pennsylvania (Berks County), has been the global leader in organic agriculture for over 70 years.

Coming Soon!

Trailside Organic Farm will begin as a two-acre certified organic farm located on Cornwall Manor’s Woods Campus, adjacent to the Rail Trail. Cornwall Manor will use the organic produce grown on the farm to be served in all campus dining areas. Utilizing Rodale Institute’s expertise in organic growing methods, Trailside Organic Farm will provide residents with healthy, hyperlocal food choices and a thriving natural environment that supports their health, environment and overall well-being.

Plans during 2021 include site preparations on the two-acre farm location, hiring a farm manager and planting crops on one acre.

By 2022, a high tunnel (unheated greenhouse) will be installed to extend the growing season and crops will be planted on an additional .75 acres. Locally-grown, seasonal produce is expected to be seen in Cornwall Manor’s dining rooms by fall 2022. As our harvest increases over time, Cornwall Manor residents and team members will also have the ability to purchase fresh, organic farm produce for personal use.

Aerial photo of Trailside Organic Farm. The two-acre farm is located on The Woods Campus, south of the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail. Photo taken September 2021.

From our Farm Manager

Ian Frederick, who is currently the Farm Operations Field Technician at Rodale Institute will be transitioning to the Farm Manager at Cornwall Manor. He will be working with our team to plan the next steps of the farm. In his current position at Rodale, Ian helps with maintaining and designing the landscape. Ian has a work background in landscaping and ornamental gardening.

In 2019, Ian received a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability from Messiah College. He prioritizes landscaping practices that provide ecological benefits as well as aesthetic value. Ian directs special attention toward integrating pollinator habitats on Rodale’s property.

Trailside Organic Farm Updates – Ian will provide monthly updates of what’s happening at Trailside
November 2021
October 2021