See what our residents and family members have to say about Cornwall Manor. Click on the individual photos or video below!

Jane Fan
(Resident since May 2019)
Moved from Fairfax, Virginia
Retired Patent Examiner
Jack & Ellen Keosseian
(Residents since October 2017)
Moved from Barnegat, New Jersey
Retired Educators
Dic Schappell
(Resident since July 2019)
Moved from Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Retired Computer Specialist in Capacity Planning
Larry & Barb Tonzi
(Residents since August 2015)
Moved from Houlton, Maine
Retired APRN (Larry); RN (Barb)
Debbie Tice
(Resident since September 2020)
Moved from Columbia, Maryland
Retired Sales Representative
Fred & Judy Horowitz
(Residents since June 2019)
Moved from Washington, DC
Retired Human Resources Director (Fred); School Teacher (Judy)
Gary Schlegel
(Resident since July 2018)
Moved from Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Retired School Business Manager
Barry & Gini Badger
(Residents since July 2017)
Moved from Manheim, Pennsylvania
Retired Dentist (Barry); CPA (Gini)
Joanne Aponick
(Resident since May 2019)
Moved from Western New York
Retired Executive Assistant
Bill & Laurie Clement
(Residents since October 2015)
Moved from West Chester, PA
Retired Marketing & Business Manager (Bill); Retail Shop Manager (Laurie)
Karen Wagner
(Resident since January 2019)
Moved from Hastings-on-Hudson, New York
Retired College Administrator (Performing Arts)
John & Linda Boudman
(Residents since October 2018)
Moved from Hershey, PA
Retired from Health & Human Services (John); Banking (Linda)


Please check out our 30 second video that showcases our beautiful Cornwall Manor community and hear from residents why they love living at Cornwall Manor!


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