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Cornwall Manor to Partner with the Rodale Institute

Mar. 01, 2021

We are excited to announce a unique collaboration between two industry leaders: Cornwall Manor and Rodale Institute.

Cornwall Manor and Rodale Institute will partner to create an organic farm on the Cornwall Manor campus, providing fresh, healthy, nutrient-dense organic vegetables and herbs for use in Cornwall Manor’s kitchens for all campus dining areas, including Corson Hall and the Health Center. As our harvest increases over time, Cornwall Manor residents and team members will also have the ability to purchase fresh, organic farm produce for personal use.

Rodale Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing the regenerative organic movement through research, training and consumer education. Rodale Institute, headquartered in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, has been the global leader in organic agriculture for over 70 years. Please see inside to learn more.

Organic food is garnering increased attention among health care providers as a means to not only prevent disease, but improve health outcomes for all. Connecting with the experts at Rodale Institute to increase healthy produce options for consumption by our residents at all levels of care, we believe, will have an overall positive impact on the health of our current residents as well as attract new residents with similar desires to move to Cornwall Manor. In addition, this partnership also promises to provide numerous educational opportunities but will not impact our resident garden plot offerings.

The proposed 2+ acre organic farm will be located on the Woods campus, south of the Rail Trail, where there is some available land (see enclosed map). Initial plans include site improvements which will take place in the coming months.

We are pleased and very excited that this new venture will be the first to integrate the best in retirement living with the best in regenerative organic agriculture.  As we move forward, please follow updates, here.