The Hidden Benefits of Living in a CCRC

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) offers a tiered approach to a retirement lifestyle with different activities and health care services that can be adapted to your needs. This arrangement means you can live independently at the earliest accepted age of 60 years and enjoy more features, benefits, and care services over time.

Modern retirement communities, like CCRCs, are so much more than they used to be! There are many considerations for these communities, but you can enjoy plenty of benefits once you find the right one. Learning about the hidden benefits can help you determine if a CCRC is right for you and encourage you to begin your search.

Give a Gift to Your Children

Multigenerational households are becoming increasingly common, and adult children may face the double care responsibility of taking care of children as well as their aging parents. These adults are known as the “sandwich generation”. Although children may want to take care of their parents when needed, this added responsibility may add many more stresses to their lives.

Rather than living with your adult children, a CCRC becomes your new home and allows you to feel more empowered about your future. These communities will allow you to create your own lifestyle and continue to live life as you want…with the added peace of mind knowing that health care is available should you need it. Choosing to live in a CCRC becomes a gift to your children as they now know that mom and dad are being taken care of and enjoying their own lives.

Move While You Are Younger

Most CCRCs accommodate people as young as 60 years old, giving you the chance to get a head start on your exciting and active retirement lifestyle. Moving is challenging at any age. Often, when older adults wait too long to move, they end up at a location out of necessity rather than choice. Choosing to move puts your future in your hands.

When you move to a CCRC, you usually have a range of living options. Whether you’re looking for a house or a one or two-bedroom apartment, you can find a housing situation that suits your lifestyle. Moving early in your retirement can also help you pare down your belongings, so you have less clutter and an organized home you can feel peaceful in.

retirement is your chance to pick up the things you loved once again.

Enjoy the Community

Retirement comes with newfound free time, and you want to enjoy it. The benefits of living in a CCRC include the community itself with the social activities and recreational pursuits you can enjoy while you’re there.

These communities cater to all kinds of hobbies and activities. You can find amenities and events like gyms and fitness classes, movie nights, woodshops, art studios, book clubs and much more. When you’re busy working 40 hours a week, your interests tend to fall low on your priority list. Retirement is your chance to pick up the things you love once again, and CCRCs give you the resources to do so.

As you embrace your hobbies, you can also experience the advantages of an accessible social circle. Numerous studies have uncovered the benefits of social relationships, from longer life spans to improved mental wellness. Feel welcomed by social connections and refreshed by the hobbies you love.

Benefit From Security

CCRCs can provide that sense of security both physically and emotionally. Your community will offer a range of security measures, from security patrols on campus and building security to knowing your health needs will be taken care of when you need it.

Meet Your Needs on Site

Up to this point, you’ve had to think about grocery shopping, scheduling house maintenance, doing yard work and so much more. These everyday chores are important, but you might not want to deal with them in retirement. CCRCs provide many of the services you need on-site, so you can sidestep chores and basic care needs to make more time for fun.

Most basic service needs require a single phone call. If you need a repair in your house, a maintenance person can stop by on the same day. Grounds professionals handle your lawn and housekeeping addresses cleaning. Dining services give you access to meals when you’re not up for cooking. CCRCs also include locations like convenience stores, physician offices and beauty salons, so you can stay on-site for quick errands and appointments.

While you can find everything you may need in a single place, a CCRC will offer ease when you want it. CCRC’s provide transportation to various points of interest outside of the community also such as shopping areas, medical offices, theaters, and much more.

Access Various Medical Services

Medical services are essential at any age, and you want to access them easily when you’re retired. CCRCs offer on-site health centers and personal care services to help you as your health needs change. Continuum of care is the foundational concept of CCRCs, and they’re prepared to adapt to your lifestyle.

One of the major advantages of some CCRCs is the fee-for-service model. In these communities, you only pay for the services that you need. If you move to the community at age 60 with minimal health requirements, you won’t have to spend on care services that aren’t for you. Over time, if you need more care, higher levels of care are available and will meet every health requirement.

Have Peace of Mind

Above all, CCRCs provide peace of mind in your retirement. As you age, there are so many considerations to factor into your lifestyle. Balancing them on your own is challenging, but CCRCs provide the support you need to feel at ease.

Being a retired adult should be about reacquainting yourself with life’s joys. With the care, housing and amenities you receive at a CCRC, you have the time, freedom and resources to uncover those joys. Leave the stress of your working life behind for a new sense of contentment.

You can also feel at ease because your children will have peace of mind, too. CCRCs are beneficial for your entire family.

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