Manor Moments

Meet the Badgers

October 2018

Resident Profile: Meet Barry and Virginia Badger

Residents since 2017
Interview and Article by Jackie Schroder

The Woods, the perfect place for the Badgers to find a home at Cornwall Manor. Anyone who knows Barry Badger know of his love for trees. This tree “thing” started when, as a youngster growing up on a farm in western Pennsylvania, he helped transform the family’s farmland into a woodland by planting 1000 trees.

Gini and Barry have known each other since high school. They share the same birthday. Both Barry and Gini graduated from Geneva College. Barry followed up by entering the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. The couple married while Barry was in dental school. Gini, with her degree in Chemistry, worked at the Calgon Corporation during this time.

Following graduation from dental school, Barry served an internship in Youngstown, Ohio. He joined the Army and while stationed at Ft. Wolters, Texas, he served as the base oral surgeon. Following a brief stint at Ft. Dix, Barry returned to civilian life and set up a dental practice in Lancaster County. They lived in Lancaster County from 197 4 until 2017 when they moved to Cornwall Manor.

During these years, the family had grown from two to four. Barry and Gini were now parents of Laura and Sam. Fortunately, daughter Laura with husband Doug and son Caleb live in nearby Manheim. Son Sam lives in Lebanon with wife Charlotte and their two daughters; Elise and Everly. Gini enjoys spending time with the grandchildren and you might catch a glimpse of her walking the neighborhood with granddaughter Everly.

The Badgers initially lived in Manheim Borough and later purchased seven acres of land in Rapho Township. Within three years the family had a brand-new home with Barry completing 90% of the work himself The family moved into their new home in 1991. Once again it was tree planting time and Barry, with the family assisting, planted 2000+ twigs which eventually have grown to trees on the property.

Gini switched career paths from chemistry to accounting. She became a CPA and worked for thirty years in public accounting serving family-owned businesses mainly in Lancaster County. She has served on the Geneva College Board of Trustees for 22 years, and two terms as board treasurer for the Worship Center, their place of worship. She currently serves on the Board of Mennonite Home Communities, Manheim Community Library, Friends of the Manheim Community Library and the Women’s Club of Manheim as Treasurer.

Their Christian faith fuels their lives. Both are active members of the Worship Center in Leola. Barry has gone on 19 mission trips sponsored by the Center and other NGOs. On trips to Honduras and other Central American locations, he has provided dental care to residents living in extreme poverty there. Barry has also gone on several construction trips, including Romania and Kenya. In Kenya, his group fed up to 250 orphans, infected with HIV, their only meal of the day, consisted of rice and beans. Gini has accompanied him on three of these trips including one to Jordan serving with Samaritan’s Purse, an American disaster relief organization. This fall, she will join Barry on a construction trip to Romania.

Barry has served on the Manheim School District Board and became a big supporter of Manheim Central football. He serves on the board of the Manheim Touchdown Club. For nineteen years he has provided custom mouthguards for the football team. He continues to make these in his garage on Sassafras Drive. He has also compiled a complete digital library of the Baron’s football team for the past twenty seasons.

Having looked seriously at two CCRCs in Lancaster County, the Badgers chose to settle at Cornwall Manor. Here they found the space they sought and the flexibility
to plan their home to their liking.

Here on campus, Barry continues with his interest in trees and co-chairs the Tree Interest Group with Daphne Messersmith. He, along with fellow residents Joe
Wychock and Dave Burrichter, using chain saws have worked on eliminating or impeding the growth of the invasive vines found in the meadow. The trio have
clocked over 200 hours this past winter. Barry has designed the landscaping around their house and is working on some hardscape features to be installed there.

Gini volunteers at the Treasure Trove and looks forward to serving as treasurer for the Blooms and More event next year. Both Gini and Barry are Pilates devotees
and practice their exercises faithfully. They walk the Rail Trail and Barry also hikes to Governor Dick’s Hill several times a week.