Manor Moments

Residents and Staff Grateful to Receive Vaccine at Cornwall Manor

February 2021
Cornwall Manor CEO receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
Cornwall Manor President & CEO Lee Stickler receives his second Coronavirus vaccine.

Soon approaching a year, the Coronavirus pandemic has consumed our lives and the way we do things since March 2020. Everyone has altered their interactions with others by implementing social distancing, staying home and wearing masks while we were continuing to learn about the Novel Coronavirus, which has the greatest impact on individuals 65+ and older.

The past 11 months have been very challenging but the “all hands on deck” approach has not stopped at Cornwall Manor. Throughout the pandemic, staff have delivered groceries, meals and activity bags to residents’ doors to help keep them safe; made weekly check-in phone calls and implemented temperature and health screenings for all team members reporting to work to protect resident’s health. We continue to do whatever necessary to keep our residents safe, engaged and healthy – and many residents have shared that they feel fortunate to live at Cornwall Manor for these reasons. They feel safe and secure knowing that health care is always available right here on campus if they need it.

Residents and staff now have another reason to smile.

Several Coronavirus vaccine clinics have been held at Cornwall Manor to vaccinate residents and staff. Pennsylvania, which is still in the first phase of their state-wide vaccination plan, recently expanded their eligibility requirements to include individuals 65+ and older to the first phase of those who can receive the vaccine. With widened eligibility and vaccine supply running low, Cornwall Manor is grateful to have held four vaccination clinics.

As of January 30, 2021, we are pleased to share:

  • Cornwall Manor’s Health Center (skilled nursing residents) were vaccinated by CVS Omnicare on December 29, 2020 and January 19, 2021. A total of 98% of Health Center residents received the vaccination.
  • HersheyCare Pharmacy held the first clinic for Corson Personal Care residents on January 11, 2021 and the second clinic will follow on February 8. Eleven (11) of Corson’s 14 residents (or 79%) received the vaccination.
  • The first vaccine clinic was held in late January for Cornwall Manor’s independent living (campus) residents. The vaccination rate for campus residents is 88%. These numbers only factor in campus residents who received their vaccine at Cornwall Manor. Some campus residents have received their vaccine at the Lebanon VA Hospital or their doctor’s offices.
  • More than 60% of Cornwall Manor’s team members have also chosen to receive the vaccine.
Cornwall Manor resident receiving COVID-19 Vaccine
Independent Living resident Louanne Steinbrenner receives her first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine.

While we understand that we will still need to wear masks, wash our hands and continue our social distancing, Cornwall Manor’s residents and staff are feeling very fortunate to be among some of Pennsylvania’s first residents to receive the vaccine. There is still a ways to go until this pandemic comes to an end, but the Cornwall Manor Community is pleased to be doing their part!