Manor Moments

Spring Cleaning & Downsizing

April 2019

This time of year is a great time to go through possessions and “spring clean” to get rid of all the “stuff” that we have accumulate over our life time. Perhaps you want to downsize to get ready for your move to a community such as Cornwall Manor or just want to get rid of the old…springtime is a great time to do so.

Here are some helpful tip to spring cleans:

  1. Start with one closet a day….or even one drawer a day. Go thru it and get rid of anything you no longer use, is broken or have no use for. By breaking it down in to small tasks, what seems overwhelming will now be doable.
  2. Move onto rooms – Set up four large boxes – one for share, donate, shred or trash. Place items you are not planning to keep in the appropriate box. When the box is full, get rid of the stuff in each box. Then move in to another room. Start with rooms you use the least. Go thru the entire room, one section of the room at a time.
  3. Pick up every item in the room, closet or drawer. Ask yourself….” do you “love it?” Is it worth keeping? If not, put it in one of the boxes and get rid of it. It may be hard but you will appreciate the feeling as you clear out the stuff. And remember….if you have not used it in a year….get rid of it!!!
  4. Recruit family members. Invite family members to your home, order some pizza, and go thru many boxes, collectible or photographs you may have. Encourage family members to take what they want. What they do not want, then donate or trash. Photos and collectibles are hard to get rid of…..but many family members do not want them. Only keep a few that are really reminders of special moments.

Visit our Helpful Information section for more helpful tips on downsizing.