Manor Moments

Trailside Organic Farm Update, June 2024

June 2024
Trailside Organic Farm: New Crops This Season
Submitted by Ian Frederick, Trailside Organic Farm Manager

As we are getting our main season crops in the ground and kicking off the farm market, it would be a perfect time to answer the popular question: “Is there
anything new growing at the Trailside Organic Farm for 2024?” We considered the feedback of our market customers and chefs. In addition to many of the items
offered last season, we have added the following to our field production:

• We are proud to share that carrots and asparagus are both new for 2024.

• Our lettuce quality will remain the same, but with a new product: We will now be distributing a loose-leaf lettuce mix containing red romaine, green romaine and green leaf varieties.

• We’ll be giving Campari and paste tomatoes a try. These additions were requested by our farm market customers.

• Asian long cucumbers will be new for 2024. We will still be growing traditional cucumbers as well.

• In addition to traditional Italian eggplants, long Turkish eggplants will be new.

• We will be growing some shallots this year in addition to our typical scallions, red onions and white onions.

• Fingerling potatoes will be new for 2024.

• Seedless watermelons will be added to our squash field. These are a little bit tricky to grow, so wish us luck!

• Our orange and red cherry tomato mix will be continued but with two new varieties. These varieties are split-resistant and offer improved storage abilities over last year’s cherry tomatoes. We hope these will bring a higher-quality product to our chefs and market customers.

• Our flower bouquets will include more white flowers, fewer yellow flowers and a more refined palette.