What Should I Look for in a Senior Living Community? 

Choosing a senior living community is an important decision. That’s why it’s essential to do your research and consider several factors before you submit an application or reserve your new home. To help you navigate your senior living community options, here are the top factors to take into consideration.

Factors to Look for in a Senior Living Community

Here are key factors to help guide your senior living decision:

Type of Community

What type of senior living community would you like to join? You have many options, including continuing care retirement communities, senior living apartments or condominiums, or 55+ communities. You also have the option of staying at home. A continuing care retirement community often will include many services and amenities along with supplemental care such as skilled nursing, therapy services and personal care.

For-Profit or Non-Profit

A continuing care senior living community can be for-profit or non-profit. For-profit communities have many wonderful buildings, amenities and services but tend to be more motivated by monetary aspects. Non-profit communities (with the same types of buildings, amenities and services) are usually more focused on care and will usually provide that care should resources become depleted. Cornwall Manor,a non-profit community, has a $30 million endowment fund to continue caring for residents should they deplete their resources.

Mission and Values

It’s important to consider the mission, values and religious focus of a senior living community to ensure it aligns with your beliefs, attitudes and preferred approach to care.

At Cornwall Manor, we are proud to have a mission that provides our community with a secure, caring and Christian environment and is open to all denominations. This mission, along with our value of CARES (Compassion, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and Service), influences all of our decisions and actions on campus.


When you are comparing your options, be sure to look at costs. While speaking with a representative of the community request a fees schedule and explanation of entrance fee plans and monthly fees. Find out what the costs includes. It’s important to know the cost of each option so you can comfortably stay within your budget. Keep in mind that most communities will have a variety of living options with different monthly rates rather than a one-size-fits-all arrangement.

Location and Environment

Consider the area where you’d prefer to live. Do you want to live out in the country and experience nature, or do you prefer being right in the city within close proximity to social events and cultural activities?

Cornwall Manor offers the best of both worlds. We are close to Hershey, Lebanon and Lancaster so you’ll always have plenty of exciting things to do and see. On our peaceful 190 acre campus, you will be surrounded by nature. There are plenty of gardens and trees along with walking trails for you to enjoy.

Services and Activities

Consider the types of services and activities each senior living community offers. Each type of community offers different levels of service and care, Similarly, each community will offer different amenities and activities for residents to take part in. At Cornwall, you’ll find residents enjoying our pool and spa, wellness center and classes, golf and many other activities.

Pet Friendly

Pet owners must consider whether their dog, cat, fish or other small animal will be able to move into the community with them. Cornwall is proud to say that we are a pet-friendly community and we warmly welcome your pets.

Maintenance and Accessibility

Some communities offer more comprehensive maintenance programs than others. At Cornwall, we handle grass cutting, snow shoveling, housekeeping, interior maintenance and more for our residents. In addition, consider how accessible each community is. Can you easily maneuver the property if in time you use a walker or wheelchair? Are there stairs? Think ahead of what your needs may be.

It’s important to consider each of these factors and evaluate the senior living facility through an in-person tour. Talk with the staff and ask plenty of questions. You can also see if you can take part in an activity or meal. You want to make sure you can envision yourself living there and calling this community your home.

Come Experience the New Nature of Senior Living

At Cornwall Manor, we serve the 60+ community with our commitment to compassion, excellence and service. We pay homage to our Christian tradition by also incorporating compassion and faith. On our 190-acre campus, you’ll find variety of housing options, services, amenities and health care solutions that fit your unique lifestyle and needs.

To see if our secure and caring environment is right for you, schedule a visit today!